Richmond Senior Portraits

While I feel honored to photograph all my clients big and small, I am especially honored to photograph my own children. Bailey is my oldest child, the one that gave me the title of Mama, the one that I learned the ropes with, the one I failed many times over, and the one that has loved me through all of that. This girl, This young woman of 18, so eager to complete her end of childhood, like all her other classmates, has been robbed of one of life’s big accomplishments. She is grieving these final moments with friends, the celebrations, senior week, her favorite teachers, and the thrill of entering her work into a writing competition, just finishing.

While comparisons of much higher stakes are out there and these kids are being told to suck it buttercup, the fact remains that for many of them, this is one of the hardest events of their life to date. Pain is pain. It can not be qualified and it does not need to be justified. So on this day, as I long to celebrate her amazing achievements, I will instead stand with her and her classmates in sadness. I know there will be better days ahead. I know that God has amazing plans for her. I know that she will do great things. It is still okay to feel sad. It is still okay to cry. It is still okay to want to scream in anger at your circumstances. Class of 2020, we are with you.

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Photos taken in Ft Meters, Florida.