As the World is shaken in utter confusion, I sit in my home, banned from working with my precious clients until June 10th, 2020. So many fields of work across our Commonwealth are in the same boat. While some jobs are allowed to continue working from home, those of us in close contact jobs are restricted from any work with clients at all. My sweet little baby clients and their parents cannot pose themselves. I can not maintain a distance of 6 feet even. So here I will be with an empty studio.

But soon we will rise from this crazy time. We will dust ourselves off. I will be here, ready to open, as soon as the dust settles. I cannot wait to see your smiling faces, to cuddle those adorable babies, to get caked by my one year clients. In the meantime, if you are feeling sad or mad and you just want to share a crazy photo of your perfect baby, message me!

Take advantage of this precious time with your family! I know I am!