Just recently, Jennifer Traylor Photography, CentralVirginia baby photographer, traveled to Seattle, Washington to meet and train with the incredible Kelly Brown of Little Pieces Photography by Kelly Brown.  I had such a great trip with so many great memories. The first morning of class, my roomies and I were walking down the hall in our hotel and I was talking about how I didn’t feel nervous about meeting Kelly, (even though I adore her) and how I wasn’t sure why, but I just didn’t. One of my roomies agreed and said she probably would feel nervous when we did, but wan’t feeling it then. Well we turned the corner and there was Kelly, standing at the elevator, giggling about overhearing our conversation. She gave us all great big hugs and walked with us, chatting all the way, to our class. She couldn’t be nicer.

We had five amazing days with her. We learned about balancing our careers with our family life, taking care of ourselves, how to set up a home studio (if we chose to), newborn posing techniques, and so so much more.   She was an open book. I took away so many great things, most of all, learning to appreciate myself, my path (no matter how fast or how slow), to be confident in my abilities, and to push myself to grow, alway.

Kelly  has such an amazing Australian accent with such a soothing tone. I could listen to her all day.  The best part about her classes are that you can download them and watch them anytime and anywhere. Just when you think there could be nothing left to give, she goes beyond that and gives you her heart. She is honest and raw, like never before.

While in Seattle I had one night to go sightseeing and one of my classmates, Trina, and I walked over to see the space needle. We went up to the top and I got these amazing shots. Seattle is such a beautiful waterside city.

Central virginia baby photographer seattle night skyline (27 of 80)

Seattle Night Sky View from the Space Needle

Central virginia baby photographer seattle night skyline (13 of 80)

View from the Space Needle Seattle, Washington