When my gal pal Melissa called to book a session as a gift for her little brother’s baby boy, I was thrilled.  She has been an awesome support for me from the very beginning of my business, my cheerleader, my support system, and just an all around great girl.    Anyhoo, back to the session.

Her little nephew is the absolute cutest baby as you can see, and he has the most beautiful pouty lips.  He has a great set of parents  to surround him with lots of love. One of the best parts about photographing him is that I will get to see him grow up at all the family events.  🙂  Jared and Annmarie, your baby boy is AMAZING.


Daddy is into Mud Bogging so the one idea he and Annmarie both  came up with and knew they wanted to try, was to incorporate one of the mud bogging tires into his session. We did just that!!!  That tire was huge. At  38 inch high, 15″ wide, it was tough for me to roll. LOL.  We did manage to get that image as a composite. Please do not attempt to place a baby in a tire, without an assistant, and without wedges.  The tire was wedged the entire time Jonathan was in it, which was only a few minutes, and his daddy was right beside him and supporting him, then removed in photoshop.  Safety is always my top priority.


If you’ve got time, be sure to leave a note for the proud parents. 🙂

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