One Year Birthday Session, Cake Smash, Bubble Bath Pictures

offered by Richmond, VA area photographer, Jennifer Traylor.

One Year Birthday Session, Cake Smash, Bubble Bath Pictures

offered by Richmond, VA area photographer, Jennifer Traylor

Birthday Portraits

One Year Birthday Session, Cake Smash, and Bubble Bath Pictures are a great way to celebrate a baby’s first birthday in a momentous way! Baby has changed so much in this first year. They will likely have a
few teeth that will be visible in a toothy grin.  The baby may have gotten their first big kid haircut or this may be their last photo as a baby with wispy long hair.   Whatever the milestone, I aim to capture it. 🙂

You may choose to bring a favorite outfit or choose from the classic wardrobe in the studio.  At JTP, I focus on babies and making sure their personality shines through.  Props are added to enhance the shots but not to overwhelm the baby.  You are welcome to bring a favorite toy or “lovey” !!!! These items make their portrait unique to them.

There are a variety of ways to capture these portraits including the backlit portrait shown below with a teddy bear, a simple outfit and backdrop provided by the studio in the middle image, or by bringing in a custom outfit for your session as in the picture on the right.  Floral decor and props are available in the studio as well.

Cake Smash

I’m not sure who loves the cake smash more, the baby or the parents.  It’s so much fun getting to see the expressions on everyone’s faces when baby smashes their chubby little hands into that cake.  Many times we even get toes and feet covered in frosting. 🙂

Parents will provide a cake made with ingredients the baby has eaten before.  I recommend baby have a cupcake made from the same bakery with the same type of frosting, a week before the baby’s session.  If your child is sensitive to ingredients found in cake, there are many other types of “smashes” that can be done with a favorite food of your child, including spaghetti, baby food, pancakes, donuts, etc.

Bubble Bath Pictures

We often end the cake smash session with a bubble bath in a vintage tub.  Baby splashes to their heart’s content while I capture playful pictures of them.

Please bring in a large soft towel and the baby’s body wash.  There is a large tub sink in the studio to finish cleaning up the baby at the end of the session.  🙂

The studio is located in Sutherland, Virginia, within minutes of Petersburg, Virginia.

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