Virginia weather has really thrown us for a loop this year with tons and tons of rain. ENDLESS RAIN. So when this glorious sunflower patch bloomed in the middle of all this rain, I had very small hope that it would work out.  Sunflowers typically only last about a week if you are lucky.  So when Sophia and Olivia’s mom asked if we could do a sunflower session with a HORSE, I may have slightly (or more accurately HUGELY) panicked while waiting for weather reports. You see, when you have to plan a regular session you can reschedule if the weather changes, and do so fairly easily, but when you are orchestrating someone else bringing a huge gorgeous animal and you have literally a week of gorgeous flowers, its a little tricky.  The weather the day before our session was utterly dreadful. It rained and the wind blew and blew. I had visions of poor Victory sinking in gobs of mud, or tripping in the soft ground.  I worried what if she took off running and trampled the field, but none of this happened. Despite all the rain, the field remained quite dry and the ground was very hard. (My yard across town however was a horrible muddy mess). Victory was an absolute perfect ANGEL. She did what she was asked and stood and even looked at the camera. I couldn’t have asked for a more well behaved girl!  She even took a nibble of a few flowers, but I’m sure to her, they looked delicious. 😉   Victory is the horse that Sophie takes lessons with and she considers her, “her horse”. I’m so glad everything worked out so beautifully and all my worry was for nothing.

Sophie and Olivia looked so gorgeous surrounded by the sea of sunflowers. I’m sure these will be treasured for quite some time. Thank you Kim for trusting me with such a fun project!  I just love how Kim’s sunflower crown turned out too! What a crafty mama!  If you are interested in having a professional portrait session taken in the Richmond, VA area, contact me today for more information!