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Bailey | Senior | Covid 19

While I feel honored to photograph all my clients big and small, I am especially honored to photograph my own children. Bailey is my oldest child, the one that gave me the title of Mama, the one that I learned the ropes with, the one I failed many times over, and the one that has...

Covid 19 | Richmond Area Photographers

As the World is shaken in utter confusion, I sit in my home, banned from working with my precious clients until June 10th, 2020. So many fields of work across our Commonwealth are in the same boat. While some jobs are allowed to continue working from home, those of us in close contact jobs are...

Tea for Two | Maggie

Miss Maggie turns the big T-W-O in just a couple of days and we had such a blast creating portraits to match her birthday theme of Tea for TWO. Mommy brought along some of her favorite friends Miss Goose and Mr. Bunny and we had a grand old tea party. She loved it! We started...

Kaia | newborn baby girl | one month

Little Kaia came to me at almost a month old. She had a few issues with her skin and mommy got a little nervous about booking. I encouraged her that I have amazing editing skills and could fix little Kaia to look just as gorgeous as she did when she first arrived. But let me...

Ethan | Cake Smash

I met little Ethan last year when he was a newborn. We had a session scheduled when his health took a rapid decline. His mom messaged me with words no parent should have to use, ever. She told me that her precious little boy was going to heaven soon. My heart broke with her! I...

Ethan | Miracle Baby Boy

Ethan and I had quite an unusual session. As he has had an extended stay in the hospital, I traveled to him at MCV and with the help of his nurses, we were able to place his crib in front of a window and do his session, in the hallway. After doctor’s had originally given...

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