What To Expect For My Newborn Session- Q & A Richmond, VA area photographer, Jennifer Traylor

Q: Does my baby need clothes or special outfits for the session?

A: No. I have many props including wraps, hats, and headbands. If you would like to have pictures of your baby in a onesie or clothes, we will save those pictures for the end of the session to ensure that the baby does not have elastic marks for the other poses. Some of my favorite poses have the baby in nothing but a birthday suit and a carefully positioned cloth or scarf. Please loosen the baby’s diaper about an hour before the session, to prevent marks from the tabs. If you would like to purchase special items for your session, check out my newborn specialty vendor tab.

Q:  I would like to provide a custom outfit so that I may save it for a keepsake.  Do you have vendors that you recommend purchasing from so that I get a great fit?

A:  Yes.  There are many vendors that I recommend.  Some of them may take quite a while to get, depending on location and if they have items that are ready to ship.  Please give yourself ample time to order.






Q:  Will my baby stay on schedule?

A:  While it is highly unlikely that the baby has been trainable to a schedule this early, you may be working on one.  Session days are hectic, even for a very calm baby.  You will be doing many things that aren’t on your typical schedule, like getting ready, putting on makeup, bathing the baby at a different time, etc.  Baby may not appear to notice and some look like they sleep right through all of this and their session. But, being moved around, dressed and undressed, and dressed again, will tire them out more than usual.   They may need to eat more often, and they may even have to be coaxed into eating.  All is completely normal.  Bring ample milk or be ready to nurse more often than you typically do.

Q: What if my baby cries? Will my baby cry?

A: Some babies make it through the entire session without a peep. Some babies do not. All babies are different. If your baby gets fussy, I have tricks to get them calm and often back to sleep. If your baby gets hungry, we will have time for you to stop and feed them. This is normal. Feed your baby right before the session, but expect that you may have to feed again, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Q: If my baby is nude, will they pee or poop on me?

A: Possibly, lol. At this age, babies have zero control. Make sure that you have extra clothes for yourself on hand. I will have plenty of cloth diapers with me for any messes that may occur. Keeping calm is very important. Babies are very good at sensing your feelings. Expect it to happen and be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t.  Many parents choose to be photographed with their baby swaddled or in one of my special outfits.

Q: Can I be in some of the pictures with my baby?

A: Absolutely.  All parents who choose the full newborn session have the option to be in photos. If you would like pictures with the baby please let me know before the session.  Most likely we will do those pictures first.  I have heaters to set up that will keep the picture area very warm, so we want to make sure we do those before you get sweaty.  Keeping the baby warm ensures they are comfortable and sleepy. 🙂

Q: Can my dog be in a picture with the baby?

A: If you are comfortable with your dog being that close to the baby and your dog is calm, yes.  You must have two adults present if that is the case.  One will be strictly in charge of the dog, and handling him/her for that picture.

Q: Can my other children be posed with the baby?

A: Yes.  All parents who choose the full newborn session have the option to include siblings in photos.  Keep in mind that children sometimes have a difficult time with the transition into siblinghood.  If your child is having difficulty with that, the portrait session will not be the best time to work on that.  If you have someone who can take the children outside to play, or maybe to the park, for the remainder of the session, that is even better.  Babies can startle very easily at this stage.  Some siblings also feel very protective over the new baby and the (stranger) that is holding their new baby, may not go over well with them.